Monday, September 8, 2014

Can't Work on the Dollhouse ugh!

So I have not been able to work on the dollhouse due the fact that my daughter has been here, so I have been scouring the internet with a clear goal to go room by room. Yeah Right that didn't happen, so here I am finding all this awesome stuff and thinking I am going to run out of space in the house lol. Well I guess that is how it goes right. Well for now and I going to go back to looking for things because tomorrow I will be able to work on it fingers crossed. On a side my youngest two boys are both sick my step son is with his mothers with mono and my little one has been running a low fever for a couple of days but finally broke it today, so fingers crossed on that as well. Mono though who would've thought. I haven't heard of mono in well forever, but hey it is what it is. Well I'm going to go back to doll heaven write to you guys later.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dollhouse in its first stages!!

So I was wondering around on Pinterest the other day, and I say wondering because as most know when you look up something on Pinterest you start with one thing and completely end up on something else. Well I couldn't tell you what I started with but I ended up looking at ideas for diy Barbie houses. I have been seeing a lot of OOAK houses around lately which are really cool but I have always felt that they were just not big enough, so with that I saw an idea for a dollhouse made with foam board. I ran out to my local dollar tree after doing a sketch of how I wanted it to look and I already had some foam board laying around so I measured it and compared it to my scale to figure out how many boards I would need. Ok so back from the store and now time to get to the fun stuff yay. I knew hot glue would not be the best for this since it dries pretty fast and working with the scale I am by the time I get the whole piece glued the first half has already dried, DARN!! So knowing that would not work I opted to use wood glue, and I can say it works just a little messy and it takes time to dry so you have to be patient, which I am so not lol. I cut my pieces for the first floor and I can I just say this thing is pretty massive, but hey it's all good.

This is the first floor I used masking tape to help hold the structure in place while the glue is drying. You really need two sets of hands for this, but I did not have that so I had to make do and get inventive lol. All apart of being crafty I guess!

So after the long wait not really but long enough I started on the second floor. I realized a couple of my rooms were a little narrower then I would have liked, so I had to revise my blueprints a little. Which now has a laundry room and the kitchen upstairs, buts hey it is all good lol. I really wanted to make sure I had the structure complete before my daughter got home from vacation, as I decided that I want to keep this a surprise and give it her for Christmas. If she doesn't discover it first, then we will be all good. Must keep her out of my craft or surprise gone. I have to work on it when she is not here and is at her mother's so I hope I can get it all finished by then. 

This is the second floor glued on and taped down, now the long wait again of drying ugh I have no patience.

This is a Ken doll standing in front just to give you an idea of how massive this thing is.

Don't have to worry about Ken none the less Barbie hitting their head on the ceiling. I decided to make the rooms 14 inches tall to accommodate the height of the dolls.

So now that I have showed you that so far let me give the measurements for the room, because I'm sure some will ask. 

All the walls are 14 inches in height and 15 inches in depth. The first room is 12 inches for the kitchen with 10 inches next to it for the bathroom, followed by 14 inches for the bedroom. If you are wondering what that little extra piece outside the bedroom is well that is going to be a balcony. On the first floor the living room is 12 inches, next is the 9 inches for the laundry room which was not part of the original design plan, but I am very happy with this one. I like the idea of the laundry better. Next to that is 9 inches for the tack room for the horse, and then 10 inches for the garage. The measurements are fairly simple and i would suggest marking out your dimensions first and using a exacto knife and a ruler to cut out your pieces, as the foam board can be a bit temperamental.

After everything was glued together I couldn't wait to get to work on it. I started with the living room which is where I still am currently due to the fact of not being able to work on it right now BOO. I wanted to due a sponge painting on the living room walls with two different pinks, upon painting my first I thought this is going be awesome I just can just zip by and paint the walls don't have to worry about measuring papering or anything. WRONG now I don't know about the craft store foam board, but the dollar store stuff does not like paint too much. While I was applying the sponge affect I noticed that the walls in the living had started to buckle, so I say if you use paint, use multi-medium paper first and then put it in your walls. which means more measuring BOO again. It didnt look terrible and I was not going to tear it down for one room, so I just hot glued a strip of foam board to outside of the house which pushed the wall back in and gave the outside of the house a little more architectural design to the house so SCORE. So here it is in its current state. Hope to get to work on it tomorrow. Going to work on something that she won't realize goes to it for now.